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Brīvdienās un svētku dienās pieņem dežūrārsts bez pieraksta, dzīvās rindas kārtībā


In order to prevent dental problems, we highly recommend visiting dentist twice a year. Regular dental exams are the best way to make sure your gums and teeth stay healthy. The dental exam allows your dentist to diagnose any problems, and to take preventive action to stop problems before they develop.

Treatment plan
In case of need, the dentist will set up the treatment plan of your oral cavity prior to dental treatment.
A dental X-ray will be carried out, which is essential for a correct diagnosis. X-rays help your dentist see problems long before they get too serious. Your dentist will only take x-rays if there is a need for them.
Treatment costs
The treatment expenses will be calculated according to the pricelist of the clinic.

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